Curricular Structure

Courses of the Program

Code Courses
04116P Experimental Research Techniques
04117P Manufacturing Processes
04118P Foundations Of Welding Processes
04119P Welding Engineering
04120P Welding Metallurgy
04121P Structure and Properties of Materials
04122P Physical Metallurgy
04123P Corrosion and Protection
04124P Micro-Structural Analysis Techniques
04125P Non-Destructive Testing
04126P Welding Joints Project
04127P Fundamentals Of Mechanics Of Solids
04128P Finite Elements Method
04129P Master’s Thesis Project – Mechanical Engineering (M)
04130P Defense Of Work Proposal – Mechanical Engineering (M)
04131P Master’s Thesis - Mechanical Engineering (M)
04132P Teaching Stage - Mechanical Engineering (M)
04133P Numerical Methods in Engineering
04134P Reliability Engineering
04135P Special Topics In Manufacturing Engineering I
04136P Special Topics In Manufacturing Engineering II
04163P Introduction To Tribology