Oil industry and metal-mechanical industry in Brazil has never had a more favorable moment. Petrobrás, according to its inventories, will needgreat efforts for people to attend future exploration demands on pre-salt fields. New challenges require study and research, basic duties of the Federal Institutions of Higher Education. The implementation of the Naval Pole of Rio Grande, with installations of suppliers and collaborators, will require study and research at all levels in the manufacturing processes.Such activities certainly will count with FURG’s contribution, that is, the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program. The development of FURG’s Engineering School depends fundamentally on new graduate programs, since technological advance is the base and guideline of these programs.

Program Goals

The establishment of a Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program, at the Engineering School, aims to consolidate a local center of technological development in metal-mechanical manufacturing. The centerwill support the qualification of regional companies’ professionals and engineering program graduates. The basic guideline of the program is to develop research applied to productive processes of the metal-mechanical area, thus contributing to the consolidation of the Naval Pole of Rio Grande. Among our goals, it should behighlighted:

  • To study and develop techniques to the advance of science and technology;
  • To integrate teaching and research in order to facilitate teacher training;
  • To train researchers;
  • To qualify professionals of the area in the use of scientific methodology;

To consolidate scientific maturity of mentors and students.